Our Ethos

Queer Planet is a space for LGBTQ individuals to share their experiences navigating the globe.

It is simultaneously a space for Queer people to provide insight into their experiences as travellers around the world and as residents.

We want to open up a global platform for LGBTQ people from across the globe to express their collective and unique experiences of being queer. This platform is committed to diversity, striving for a fair representation for people of colour, women, transgender individuals and non-binary folk.

How is the site divided?

We have three focuses at QP: Travel, Living and Your Rights.

Travel is to give information and to share experiences of travellers navigating the globe. This includes content across multiple mediums, ranging from country or location specific guides to more general travelling experiences.

Living is intended to share the queer experience from the perspective of a country’s residents. Stories from migrants, activists, artists, musicians (or any queer person) of their lived experiences.

Your Rights is our Big Queer Atlas. An infographic that aims to share factual and up to date information about our legal rights around the world.

Interested in contributing?

Interested in contributing? Head here to see our submission guidelines.