Want to contribute?


I have an idea of a piece for QP. Can I submit it?

At QP, we operate with an open submissions policy. This means that any LGBTQ+ person is welcome (and encouraged!) to submit work from across all types of media - be it journalism, creative writing, poems, music, art or videos.

How is the content divided?

We have two main sections at QP that are open to submissions: Travel and Living. These have two very different purposes. Your submission must be for either one of these sections.

Travel is to give information and to share experiences of travellers navigating the globe. You can submit work in any format you please. Be it country or location specific guides or more general travelling experiences.

Living is intended to share the queer experience from the perspective of a country’s residents. This could be stories from migrants, activists, artists, musicians (or any queer person) of their lived experiences. It could be city guides or reviews. We are open to any kind of content.

How do I go about Submitting it?

If you have something you would like to submit please email it over to us at queerplanetzine@gmail.com.